We can assist you in organising different types of weddings. We put all out professionalism and experience into each one to help you make the best choices.

Our goal is to help you create a special and memorable day, giving you much-needed advice and new ideas to save time and effort.

Over the years we have managed to fulfil every request and handle everything that has come our way. All you need to do is enjoy yourself while avoiding all the organisational stress.


Getting married in Tuscany with a civil ceremony is easily done, even if you come from abroad!

We will help you through the paperwork to obtain the necessary authorisations to make your wedding legal, even providing the necessary professional interpreter for the translations.

The locations?

Town halls, beaches, farmhouses, historic villas … Tuscany is a land full of magical places and this allows us to choose from a plethora of options.

We are therefore able to offer a wide selection to fit your wedding style.

We will also assist you in choosing services such as photography, music, flowers, catering, and much more.


To get married in a Catholic ceremony you will need some documents. If you are not resident in the diocese in which you have chosen to get married, you need to seek the required paperwork from your diocese.

We will help you with this.
You can also have a religious blessing ceremony, to renew your vows during a wedding anniversary.

We will accompany all believers in their every need: from the initial choices for coordinating your special day, to helping you choose the ideal services to fit your style of wedding.


This rite is truly emotional: it is marriage celebrated according to the Celtic rite, that we reproduce in the most stunning locations in Tuscany.

According to this rite the union of two souls and two bodies into one is blessed by the Earth; for this reason, it is carried out in close contact with nature, surrounded by natural elements such as trees, water, fire and stones.

Today this celebration is not legally recognised by the Italian state, but you can still carry out a symbolic ritual.

We will assist in the organisation of this special wedding ceremony, taking care of all the necessary details: from the ideal location to the choice of the celebrant before moving on to all the necessary services such as flowers, music and much more.


WE Planner helps you organise your dream wedding with an Indian ritual in Tuscany.

There are many steps to an Indian wedding and each one should be carefully followed in every detail respecting all aspects of tradition.

From Mehndi to the end of the festivities, we will recommend the services most in line with your needs. From catering for typical Indian dishes, to the traditional music, the choice of flowers and the meticulous care of the Mandapa.

All in very special locations.


In Tuscany, the Jewish community has a long and significant history. That’s why it is possible to get married with a Jewish ceremony in a beautiful synagogue or under an exclusively designed Chuppah.

Marriages celebrated by Orthodox rabbis are also legally valid.

The Tuscan synagogues ask for direct contact between the couples and the Rabbi who will grant them permission to marry.

We will assist with the paperwork and will help provide the services to fulfil your needs.


The possibilities for organising a symbolic celebration are endless. There are many locations: historical and art cities, mountains, beaches, the beautiful Tuscan hinterland … tell us your dream and we will make it a reality.

WE Planner will assist you in finding all the necessary amenities, such as an officiant who will carry out the ceremony in your native language.


Love knows no boundaries, and we enjoy celebrating love in all its forms.

Even if it is not formally considered a wedding, for us attention to detail and the desire to make such an important day special are no different for a Civil Union.

We will work alongside you in all your choices, searching for the most suitable services and planning all the details of your walk down the aisle.