Chloe & Danny

A Scottish couple who decided to get married in Barga.

I started working with them at the start of 2021. Month after month, by phone and email, we planned their big day.

I was their eyes and voice here in Italy, choosing the suppliers that I thought best met their requirements.

A wedding that combined different types of materials like jute and gold and an incredible palette of colours such as sage green, apricot, whites, gold and powder.

A wedding filled with details that made it unique.

Umi & Alessandro

This couple found out about me through word of mouth in 2019. They lived in Milan and initially wanted to get married in the more classical Tuscan areas before deciding to live out their dream day in Milan.

They trusted me and gave me the opportunity to work on their incredible and unique project given my passion for planning and wedding cultures from all over the world. In fact, Umi was born in Milan, but her parents were from Sri Lanka and she wanted to organise a wedding that combined both the classical elements of the Italian wedding with the Sinhalese traditions.

The couple had a very clear style in mind for their Big Day right from the start.

Milan was the backdrop for an industrial-style wedding where carefully planned and balanced contrasts stood out among the details.

The theme was “1950s Milan”.

Glass, wood, distressed metals, lights, old maps, trams and flowers were the keywords.

What made the day even more special were the traditional customs and dances that punctuated the day in harmony with the Italian wedding.

With this couple I worked in the same way as I usually do with couples from abroad: given the distance we managed our weekly meetings by video call and used shared calendars to help the bride keep track of her appointments and things to do.

Of course, I visited Milan regularly to accompany the couple to meet suppliers and visit locations to define all the details.

Distance does not have to be an issue, but it can be a great strength, to manage each tiny detail in coordinating your Big Day.

Mike & Beck

During the summer of 2019 I received a phone call from Beck’s parents asking to meet to discuss their daughter’s wedding.

Here in Barga couples quite frequently decide to have their dream wedding in our town or in the one of the surrounding villages.

So, my collaboration with Beck and Mike started in 2019 and, as often happens, their wedding was subject to many changes for a range of reasons.

Everything was organised for the summer of 2020, but as we all know the plans for that year changed drastically for many of us, especially for those who, like this couple, were coming from abroad.

In 2020 we set a new date for 2021 but the arrival of a beautiful baby boy and other priorities meant that the wedding was finally celebrated on 3 June 2022.

Over those 2 years many things had changed and so the style of the wedding changed too.

For Mike, Beck and little Cal we organised a sensational wedding where “green” was the keyword and common theme for the entire day.

Olive green and white flowers
The sparkling green of our valley on the first days of June was the natural setting for their symbolic ceremony.

Two essential suppliers for their wedding: the first a baby-sitting service to entertain the children in English and a nap corner for all the children at the wedding; the second ice cream, a surprise for the foreign guests who savoured the typical handmade ice cream between dances.